I’m In Your Mind Fuzz: Album Review

By Cole Johnson

I’m In Your Mind Fuzz is the kind of mental invasion you will welcome with open arms. Each track is such an earworm that it’s difficult to sum up what is so entrancingly inspired about the project as a whole. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s roots in garage and psychedelic rock are ever present on this record, whether in the mind-bending production or the snappy, reliable musicianship. The record is packed end to end with excellent guitar riffs, twisted synth flares, and beautifully expressive vocal and guitar tones.

If you’ve heard this album before, you know that the beginning four drumstick clicks signal an incoming eargasm. Right away, it breaks into a brisk beat with punchy drums and a crisp bass line, diving headlong into a psychedelic banger. The vocals and guitars are echoey and full of static, and the sound of Stu Mackenzie’s voice looming over the track as he sings “I’m in your mind” is completely believable as it bounces around in your head.

The opening four-track “I’m In Your Mind Fuzz” medley explores a variety of sounds, stacked on top of the same driving drum and bass parts. The instrumentation is tight and well-contained, creating a polished song structure for “I’m In Your Mind” while still allowing for some more volatile playing, like the low-end wailing guitar solo on the instrumental break “I’m Not In Your Mind.”

The medley calms down, then progresses towards an even more electric reintroduction of the chorus from “I’m In Your Mind,” with wilder vocals, heavier drums and greater distortion. The climax is endlessly satisfying, masterfully sticking the landing of the 13-minute piece.

The middle tracks provide a much-needed cooldown period. Here, the band opts for more steady, relaxing melodies, accented by the descending synth pulses on “Empty” and the trilling flutes on “Hot Water.”

We get one last explosive performance from the band on “Am I In Heaven?” which erupts with a hurricane of thrashing guitar and drums, taking the listener on an auditory roller coaster as it picks up speed and careens towards ever-intensifying vocal and instrumental peaks and valleys.

The record’s final stretch prides itself on its patience, biding its time with mellower, more emotional grooves. Its pacing becomes more deliberate than ever, delivering longer, chillingly funky songs like “Slow Jam 1,” and closing with the sweet, flange-coated ballad “Her & I,” which sounds like a love song out of a fever dream.

Production-wise, I’m In Your Mind Fuzz applies generous coats of reverb and distortion, dancing daringly on the line between being a cohesive piece and degrading into a homogenous wall of sound. Ideas are pervasive, but not overpowering, and recur several times in different flavors — like flanger and “wah” guitar effects, which stand out impressively on various cuts of different speeds. The band’s simultaneous versatility and consistency is mesmerizing, and I highly recommend anyone interested in alternative, progressive or experimental rock to consider: what’s in your mind?

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