Nixon in China — MET Opera Review

By Jason Kreloff

On Wednesday, April 1st, the Metropolitan Opera streamed its production of Nixon in China. Composed and conducted by John Adams, the three-act opera is based on President Richard Nixon’s visit to the People’s Republic in 1972 after the country had been under isolation for decades. 

The story follows the twists and turns of relations between Chairman Mao Tse-tung (sung by Robert Brubaker), his wife Chiang Ch’ing (Kathleen Kim), Richard Nixon (James Maddalena), his wife Pat Nixon (Janis Kelly), Premier Chou En-lai (Russell Braun), and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (Richard Paul Fink).

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Hook: Concert Review

By Amari Newman

On November 21, 2020, Hook and BKTHERULA appeared at the Dionysus Disco for the first night of WOBIE Fest, a three day music festival organized by student union booking organizations at Oberlin College: OHOP, F+ABB and SUPC, and its radio station, WOBC. The festival curates events that cater to all types of students, and encourages them to become involved in college radio.

Hailing from Riverside, California, Hook is a 21-year-old female rapper who hasquickly gained recognition throughout the underground as one of the most exciting artists on the scene. BK, who is from Atlanta, shares Hook’s buzz. Both artists collaborate on songs, appear in each other’s music videos, and perform together. 

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TIMARA Faculty Recital: Sound in the Round

Facilities: Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater | Oberlin College and ...

By Tyler Smith

Long before Oberlin Conservatory’s TIMARA faculty began their Sound in the Round performance on the evening of March 8th, Wurtzel Theatre was bustling with activity. TIMARA students had set up various installations around the lobby showcasing their work. Third-year Drew Smith made their “Child of [Electronic] Tree” installation available to peruse on one side, while alum Helen Hé showed off their “Octowaver” on the other side for people to explore. The concert itself, one of the most enthralling of the semester, marked the end of the 50th anniversary celebration of the TIMARA program.    

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