Vegging Out with Slampson’s Noah Hellman (House Show Preview)

By Maisie Sheidlower

Noah Hellman is a man of few words, and many demands. He agreed to partake in the following interview on the grounds that it could happen on his bed, and that I bring a “huge” bag of chips, a bag of fruit snacks, and a large soda. Reclining on his flannel bedspread, Hellman — already Cheez-Its dusted — began describing Slampson, the four-man band for which he is a keyboardist. It is, I learned, a “screwaround group where nothing really matters.” The ensemble, which includes Owen Frankel (bass and vocals), Noah Sherman (drums), and Benjamin Byrd (guitar), will perform at Miles Gilbert’s house on March 14th, where Hellman informs us that they will “probably open around 10pm.” He’s not sure about the address. 

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