Pumpkin Attack on the ‘Sco: Concert Review

By Cole Johnson

Anyone who came to the ‘Sco on February 7th for the sole purpose of moshing will tell you that Xiu Xiu’s performance was not meant to cater to the audience. Within the first few songs, most unsuspecting listeners realized that this concert was not the kind of event to attend plastered, and filed out, leaving only fans and the few whose interest had been piqued.

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I’m In Your Mind Fuzz: Album Review

By Cole Johnson

I’m In Your Mind Fuzz is the kind of mental invasion you will welcome with open arms. Each track is such an earworm that it’s difficult to sum up what is so entrancingly inspired about the project as a whole. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s roots in garage and psychedelic rock are ever present on this record, whether in the mind-bending production or the snappy, reliable musicianship. The record is packed end to end with excellent guitar riffs, twisted synth flares, and beautifully expressive vocal and guitar tones.

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