Why 645AR Is More Serious Than You Think

By Jason Kreloff

645AR, despite nobody knowing his real name or identity, deals with a lot of slander everyday on internet blogs, in video reactions, and even on his own Instagram and Twitter pages. Comments range from the simple, “645AR is trash” to backhanded jokes like “645AR makes music only dogs can hear.” However, like any serious artist who truly believes in their craft, he takes all of the criticism and hate in stride.

Scam Rap Has Put Detroit Back on the Map

By Jason Kreloff

Have you ever wanted to know how to make quick and easy cash on your computer or mobile device? Well look no further — Detroit’s array of scam rappers have got you covered. 

Since they emerged out of Motor City obscurity, rap artists such as Teejayx6, 10kkev, and Kasher Quon have been seamlessly integrating genre-pushing musical experimentation with get rich quick schemes, creating a whole new lane of hip-hop known as scam rap. In a typical song, you might find instructions or “methods” encoded in the lyrics. Methods can range from simple card cracking to full-on dark web scams.

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Analog vs. Digital and Why You Shouldn’t Care Anymore

Roland Space EchoBy Jason Kreloff

The last thing we need is one more white cisgendered male in the music recording industry giving heated opinions on why your digital plug-ins sound like trash— all the while flaunting complicated pieces of analog equipment that would destroy your bank account.

Chances are, if you heard a song on the radio, it has been recorded, engineered,  mixed, and mastered by a man. Historically, through privilege and generational wealth, white men have used positions of power to monopolize the making of music. This results in the boxing out of those with no access to resources.

Even worse, analog studio equipment is really expensive these days, which makes establishing a professional audio career all the more daunting. However, analog gear ultimately means nothing for the future of music. Continue reading “Analog vs. Digital and Why You Shouldn’t Care Anymore”

Nixon in China — MET Opera Review

By Jason Kreloff

On Wednesday, April 1st, the Metropolitan Opera streamed its production of Nixon in China. Composed and conducted by John Adams, the three-act opera is based on President Richard Nixon’s visit to the People’s Republic in 1972 after the country had been under isolation for decades. 

The story follows the twists and turns of relations between Chairman Mao Tse-tung (sung by Robert Brubaker), his wife Chiang Ch’ing (Kathleen Kim), Richard Nixon (James Maddalena), his wife Pat Nixon (Janis Kelly), Premier Chou En-lai (Russell Braun), and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (Richard Paul Fink).

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BKTHERULA @ The ‘Sco — Concert Review


By Jason Kreloff

In a small town like Oberlin, it’s not often you get the chance to hear a queen of underground rap. So when it was announced that BKTHERULA would perform on Friday, February 21 as a part of WOBIE FEST 2020 at the ‘Sco, devoted fans such as myself were quick to secure a ticket. 

BKTHERULA is a blossoming Atlanta artist with hundreds of thousands of streams and tens of thousands of listeners who tune in every month. Her breakout hit, Tweakin’ Together, had the internet buzzing, giving her the coveted title of the “female Duwap” — a serious responsibility, but one which BK won’t let box in her art. At the time of this review, Tweakin’ Together had 370,000+ views on YouTube alone. 

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Happiest People in the World Wide Web — Album Review


By Jason Kreloff

Happiest People in the World Wide Web (2019) is Adé Hakim’s second full-length record following his 2018 On To Better Things. The album features short, concise songs with bulletproof songwriting, addictive beats which twist old melodies into completely new textures, and lyrics that stay with you. 

Hakim is a producer and rapper from the Bronx, New York with a musical style and positive message exclusive to him and his frequent collaborators. Also known as sixpress (or 6press), Hakim has his own distinct production style which involves glitchy and rich soul and jazz samples —  a cornerstone of the new wave of rap coming out of the New York City area. 

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