Desert Island Discs


As an in-class writing assignment, we gave students 15 minutes to answer the question, “What three CDs would you want to have with you on the proverbial desert island?”

Lilyanna D’Amato 

WonderI would do terribly on a desert island. I’d be a nervous wreck — for sure the first to go in a Lost situation. I’d get all weepy and scared but, to give myself some credit, I think I would also become imaginatively retrospective. I’d spend my days on the lonely beach looking back at old memories, watching them in my mind. I’d stave off insanity by reminding myself of who I have been at different points of my life, holding on to selfhood as a means of survival, parsing together broken images of car rides and concerts and thanksgivings and parties and tears and laughs and all that comes with growing up. Continue reading “Desert Island Discs”