Vegging Out with Slampson’s Noah Hellman (House Show Preview)

By Maisie Sheidlower

Noah Hellman is a man of few words, and many demands. He agreed to partake in the following interview on the grounds that it could happen on his bed, and that I bring a “huge” bag of chips, a bag of fruit snacks, and a large soda. Reclining on his flannel bedspread, Hellman — already Cheez-Its dusted — began describing Slampson, the four-man band for which he is a keyboardist. It is, I learned, a “screwaround group where nothing really matters.” The ensemble, which includes Owen Frankel (bass and vocals), Noah Sherman (drums), and Benjamin Byrd (guitar), will perform at Miles Gilbert’s house on March 14th, where Hellman informs us that they will “probably open around 10pm.” He’s not sure about the address. 

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A Zoom Call With Auto-Lola

By Amari Newman

On April 17th, I conducted an interview with aspiring Hip-Hop and Experimental artist Auto-Lola. This was the inaugural installment of a weekly series of Zoom interviews that SleepWalker Radio, a show on Oberlin College’s WOBC-FM radio station, will be conducting over the next month. We were also joined by fellow SleepWalker members/affiliates Musa, Quentin, and Sara.

I Zoomed into our meeting room and encountered a smiling Auto eager to discuss. This was the first time either of us had done a virtual interview, and this had been planned since January. The interview was originally scheduled for Mid-March to follow his performance at Oberlin’s Dionysus Disco. Unfortunately, two days before his Friday night show, the College announced that all large gatherings would be canceled and students would have to leave campus by the end of the weekend due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

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#Livingroomtoday is fostering community amidst COVID


By Quentin Zimbalist

Created in 2015 as a way to connect internet friends via art and comedy, Livingroomtoday eventually became a “Cohesively organized, simultaneous IRL/virtual event bringing together musical performances,” according to Michael Brown, a longtime listener. Discontinued after 2017, the series was recently revived by New York-based videographer and event planner Nick Blanco. I attended the March 26th concert, and after its fashionably late start, I had a great night watching a stream filled with surprises

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Preview: Tav Daly Junior Trombone Recital

By Megan McLaughlin

“I’ve been working on learning how to play the trombone,” Tav Daly said to me, half-sarcastically, in an interview in the Conservatory Library on Tuesday. A charming young man and a third-year trombone performance major at Oberlin Conservatory, will present his Junior trombone recital at 1:30 pm on Saturday, March 14th, in Stull Recital Hall. Daly’s will be the second of eight degree recitals from Oberlin’s trombone studio this year, following the appointment of new trombone professor John Gruber in the fall.

“When programming my recital, I wanted to begin with something that sounded Baroque-ish” Daly said. He’ll begin with 20th-century French composer Eugene Bozza’s Hommage à Bach — not Baroque exactly, but inspired by Bach. Following that, Daly will be joined by Amelia Horton and Conrad Smith (trumpets), Megan McLaughlin (horn), and Sam Weaver (bass trombone) for the first movement from Victor Ewald’s Brass Quintet No. 3

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Andy D: Senior Recital — Concert Preview

By Tyler Smith

“The more that we uphold the concept of polystylism, or combining jazz with classical elements to create jazz-classical music,” said composer Andrew Dana during a recent interview, “The more we reinforce those genre barriers — This is a disaster.”

 In hopes of chipping away the blockades musicologists and the like have put up around musical styles, Dana will present a diverse program of music during his senior composition recital on Thursday March 12th at 7:30, in the Birenbaum Innovation and Performance Space.

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Artist Profile: Boxed Whine

By Lilyanna D’Amato

Every year around the last week of May, over seven hundred starry eyed, nervous graduates leave Oberlin College for the big bad world. Unfortunately, this past graduation, they took some amazing student bands along with them. Julia and Julian, The Booyah Kids, Blankat, and myriad other Oberlin-famous groups left campus to pursue adulthood, leaving a void in the concert scene and rising student musicians floundering for consistent venues. But naturally, new bands have stepped in to fill the gap, hoping to sustain a quintessential Oberlin institution: the house show. Boxed Whine, a four-piece indie-pop project, is among those leading the charge.

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