Russian Renaissance — Concert Review

By Quentin Zimbalist

It would be hard to believe that anybody left Finney Chapel on Friday night, February 28, without a smile on their face. Russian Renaissance, a folk fusion band sporting traditional Russian instruments, provided an unforgettable evening of music for people of many walks of life The quartet captivated the audience with repertoire ranging from traditional Russian Folk pieces to modern American pop music, and mashups of everything in between.

From left to right sat Ivan Kuznetsov (balalaika), Anastasia Zakharova (domra), Alexander Tarasov (button accordion), and Ivan Vinogradov (bass balalaika). The group opted to change the order of the program, making it difficult to figure out their opener, which began with a fierce 4×4 groove and felt like the background music in an intense movie. Tarasov took the melody, pressing the accordion’s buttons with incredible speed and precision.

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